Ella, A female dog Story from Mexico to USA, Rescued After She ‘Huпkered Down in Flowerbed’ with Chicken Soup

Karen looked out into her yard on a chilly, damp January day in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and spotted a white dog “curled up in a ball” in her flower bed. The puppy was “wet, muddy, and trembling,” clearly in need of love and attention.

Karen prepared a blue blanket for the dog to rest on and a substantial bowl of warm chicken soup for her unexpected guest. The dog was appreciative for the meal and sipped the soup before leaving. She then contacted Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery for assistance.

Nicole Asher, a dog rescuer, responded to Karen’s call and “instructed her to put additional food out in the hopes that she [the dog] would return.” And so did the dog. “Not only did she return, but she slept for much of the day in the comfort of the blanket,” Asher said on the Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery Facebook page.

Later that day, Asher and her crew arrived and put up a kennel trap, thinking the dog would accept the bait. “At 9:50 tonight she finally woke up from her lengthy nap and made her way directly to my trap,” Asher said on Facebook.

“She was in and finally secure within seconds,” she continued.

They examined the dog and saw that she had an ID tag. “Once seized, we were overjoyed to discover a tag on her collar with her name, ELLA, and contact information for her rescue.”

True, Ella had previously been rescued, and they discovered from her tag that she belonged to MatchDog Rescue. Ella had been gone for two weeks after escaping her foster home, and she had “travelled more than twelve miles from where she went missing.”

They got in touch with MatchDog Rescue, who were overjoyed. “I quickly called the number, and when they got over the shock, there were plenty of joyous tears and shouts of delight,” Asher recalled.

According to the Dodo, the president of MatchDog Rescue came out to pick her up and brought Ella home to relax and decompress. “She fit immediately in and has become a huge couch potato,” Asher added.

Asher couldn’t stop himself from exclaiming, “Such a happy conclusion!” Ella’s happy ending, however, was not complete.

Ella’s background was published on MatchDog Rescue’s Facebook page when she returned, and the rescue canine has had quite a life! She was a street dog in Mexico that subsisted on the compassion of residents and industrial employees. They informed a rescuer in the town where she resided when they discovered she was pregnant.

This rescuer maintains frequent touch with MatchDog, and it was through them that Ella was able to be transferred to the veterinarians after giving birth. She was cared for there until her pups were old enough to be adopted. “For 5 months, Ella was securely under our wing, being cared after,” they wrote. “We gave her all the food, attention, and love we could. Ella and all of her puppies were rescued, vetted, and cared for by MatchDog Rescue.”

Ella then travelled to the United States in search of a permanent family, but she went missing. Ella has a “kind gentle attitude that we have grown to know and love about her,” according to MatchDog.

Ella was placed for adoption at the end of January after she was rescued and recovered from her traumatic experience.

Finally, on February 8, only a few weeks after returning to her temporary home, she discovered her happy ending again, and this time it’s permanent! Ella has been placed for adoption.