Dγing Strαγ Golden Retriever, Complete Transformation After Being Rescued

When they first saw fubao, it was living in garbage.

At that time he was dying and didn’t have the strength to standup.

Don’t know if he got lost or abandoned by his owner.

Fu Bao was so skinny with only bones.

They Don’t know for how long he was hungry, he didn’t even have the strenght to stand up and eat the food.

A little dog food is the hope of life for him.

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They clan the wound and apply the medicine. They Named the little guy Fubao.

Because of their limited ability, we do not Please save all the poor dogs, only hope to save all the poor dogs we meet, and hope to give these poor furry children a stable home

Fubao actively cooperates with the doctor’s treatment without saying a word.

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