Dog Who Had 10% Chance Of Sυгviving Makes His Family SO Proud

Even when he was so hurt he was still licking our face trying to make us feel better if he doesn’t really like it when I cry we moved into a van for our dogs and

we were having non-stop adventures but we had no idea that all of that was about to change Dagwood was hit by a car.

They put Bertha’s pedal to the floor for 300 miles to an emergency vet by the time we made it there it had been six hours since he’d been hit they said he had a less than 10 percent chance of surviving and

They said “you haven’t met Dagwood” She just kept saying to herself he survived that Drive if there was any dog in the world that was gonna make it through that it was gonna be him.

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They stayed with him, They were sleeping on the ground next to him they never left him stay with them little bird please… he’s alive… he’ll be paralyzed the doctor said.

She was gonna be there for him no matter what and that Keith that They both were gonna change their lives for him they all sort of really rallied around him and it started to feel like this a community project.

His vet tech said to her, you know let’s remind him what he’s fighting for.

They have to kind of remind him that this is not his life now this is temporary. She think that’s when They started to see that there was like a light at the end of the tunnel.

He’s alive because of the doctors and nurses and vet techs who understand what a fighter he is, and to the people who’ve mailed dog toys and dog treats.

Thank you it’s amazing what one dog can do, the first time that they took him back to the desert was his seventh birthday, a second that the tires hit dirt roads. he wanted to come towards the front of the van.

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Source: The dodo