Dog takes in a group of baby opossums after their mother passed away

Stephanie Maldonado rescued a group of helpless baby opossums and fed them every 2 hours, but was still uncertain if they would suгvive without motherly attention. Her dog instinctively stepped in to act as their mother.

The baby opossums like to crawl on top of Pretinha the dog and she really likes this too. She carries them around while they hold on for a fun and safe ride from their new “mom.”

a group of baby opossums became orphans when their mom was attacked and killed.

In Brazil a Good Samaritan found the babies still with their eyes closed and took them in she bottle fed them every two hours and was surprised when her dog became acting like their mother.

the pup began to nurture them like they were one of her own puppies in this video from viral hub you can see the dog.

Even letting the baby opossums cling on to her fur when they go on walks PAH so mom’s carry their children on their fur and the dog appears to be adapting perfectly to renew an adopted.

Children the little possums are doing well and thriving with the help of their new mom be sure to watch Inside Edition.