Dog reaches market to pick up vegetables, shocƙed people watching video

We all know that the best friend of a man is a dog. This is because the dog always remains loyal and does not shy away from staking his life in due time. A video is currently being posted on social sites. In this video, no one buys with the wisdom with which the dog was buying vegetables.

The video is currently going viral on different platforms on social media. It has been viewed thousands of times so far. At the same time, the number of likes is also increasing rapidly.

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Social media users are shocƙed to see a dog buying fruits and vegetables in the market in this video. You can see in the video going viral, a dog reached the market to pick up vegetables where he went to a shop,

he stepped on a vegetable with his foot and then the shopkeeper took out the money in the red box and put the change dispersal in it and then gave it the vegetable.

The dog then picks up the box and goes back. Most interestingly, he returns home after shopping without any difficulty. You are also going to enjoy watching this video.

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