Dog Alerts Her Sleeping Owner To The Dеadly Thrеat Inside Their Room

The other day, while Karen Andersson’s brother-in-law slept at home with his two dogs, a disaster began to unfold just feet away from their bed.

But thanks to an act of faithfulness and love of one of those dogs, a pup named Olivia, tragedy was averted.

According to Andersson, who posted about the incident online, a shorted electrical circuit had sparked a fire inside the bedroom. As the flames grew, her dozing brother-in-law remained totally unaware of the deadly threat that was looming.

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“Even with all the black smoke, he didn’t notice. He wouldn’t wake up,” Andersson wrote. “But Olivia noticed.”

Had Olivia acted based on her own survival instinct alone, she could have tried to flee the danger. However, someone else was on her mind, even then.

“She barked and licked [my brother-in-law’s] face until he woke up,” Andersson wrote. “She saved the lives of everyone in the house.”

Here’s that moment on video:

It isn’t known to what extent the fire damaged their home — but thanks to Olivia’s heroic spirit, everyone was able to make it out alive.

For that, Andersson and her family are nothing short of grateful:

“Olivia is really amazing,” Andersson told The Dodo. “She’s the best girl.”/Article source : the dodo