Dog Abaпdoпed in Sealed Woodeп Box Officially Adopted by the Oklahoma Rescuer Who Saved Him

A Pit Bull who was locked in a wooden box has found a home with the lady who let him free. The dog, now called Diego, fought to escape his boxed prison, but the entrance to the dog home had been nailed shut and he couldn’t get out.

Feleciana Ramirez was in late December in Oklahoma City when she learned that an animal had been thrown in a wooden box along the Oklahoma River and was still alive.

Ramirez proceeded to look inside it and discovered a tiny wooden box. The opening had been sealed with a piece of wood that had been bolted and nailed shut.

“I got a utility axe, and I smashed it open, glanced in it, and saw that he was in there,” Ramirez said to 9 News Oklahoma.

“I was startled to discover anything alive since he wasn’t moaning. He was not making any noise.”

Jagged nails protruded from the wood surrounding the entryway, indicating that the dog had attempted to eat and scratch his way out.

She could tell the dog was famished and covered in cuts and abrasions since he was crammed inside.

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“He was thrown beside the river with no food or drink for an unknown period of time, simply left to die. Fortunately, he was discovered and saved. There were scratch marks on the entryway from where he urgently attempted to flee.

His skin is riddled with scars and sores. He is malnourished. “He has suffered physically and emotionally for much longer than his time in that box,” Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Group said about Diego on Facebook on January 1.

A few days after Diego was transferred to OKC Animal Welfare, Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Organization stepped in to save him. He went to be with foster mom Kayla Wise to recuperate and heal.

“He was exhausted and terrified. “I suppose he was just weary since he slept for a long time,” Wise told 9 News. “This is the worst case I’ve ever had in my house.”


Diego gained 20 pounds and developed confidence under Wise’s care during the following 5 weeks. “Despite all he’s been through, he is lovely and sensitive,” Mutt Misfits posted on Facebook. They put him up for adoption, and Ramirez and her family were among those interested in adopting him. Mutt Misfits interviewed numerous families before settling on Ramirez.

Ramirez is overjoyed to have Diego join her family but can’t envision “someone harming him the way they did.” Diego, on the other hand, we’re sure he never envisioned having a family that would adore and appreciate him.