Despite her family’s financial struggles, she is adept at handling money. The story touched online users

A 7-year-old dog named Xiaopi is dressed up by his owner (an elderly woman) with all kinds of styles.

sometimes wearing a skirt, sometimes wearing a fancy scarf, looking like a real street vendor. consume.

The uncle was assigned by his owner to sit and sell fruit with him to attract customers to buy.

The results were very positive when this dog helped her sell a lot of fruit with a sudden increase in the number of customers.

There are also pics of Xiao Pi dressed up like a dainty lady while helping man the stall.

Xiaopi sells different types of fruits and vegetables depending on the season, sometimes watermelon, lychee, apple, sometimes onions, bamboo shoots or cabbage, etc.

Sales revenue has improved significantly since Xiaopi started wearing costumes to sell fruit.

Xiao Pi’s owner runs a fruit and vegetable stall in Tainan, Taiwan and, came up with the idea of dressing Xiao Pi in clothing made from her stall’s produce to boost business.