Despite having lost her legs and tail, Sprinkle the kitten continues to live life to the best

Sprinkle the tabby Sass Queen is her rescuer’s “favorite little menace,” who literally tackles life despite having no hind legs or tail. She looks like a forever kitten with big eyes and the most adorable face. Although small, she can be a “spicy little firecracker” and a wild child. She’s extremely fortunate to have found Marie Gutshall, who specializes in rehabilitating kittens like Sprinkle in Philadelphia.

Paralyzed tabby kitten in a sweater with hearts, Charlie's Army Animal Rescue

Although impossibly cute, Sprinkles is a little Diva who often yells at Mom when things aren’t going her way.

“Sprinkles, 100% the most dramatic and wild kitten I have ever cared for. Ever. EVER,” Marie said.

Marie took in 4-week-old Sprinkle and her mama Twinkle from a Philadelphia city shelter. Sadly, the remaining kittens had all died. Meanwhile, Sprinkle’s hind legs were “dangly” from the start due to paralysis. Then, her tail showed signs of dying (necrotic tissue). Unfortunately, she required a triple amputation. But Marie knew the kitten could live a happy life having saved others like her.

Sprinkle the kitten with no hind legs or tail, Charlie's Army, Marie Gutshall, Philadelphia

Twinkle is an Adorable Bad Girl

Online, the kitten became everyone’s favorite “bad girl,” and supporters helped raise thousands to provide her veterinary care. 

“Can you tell Sprinkles is sasssssssy? She is. Very sassy. Very opinionated. Lots of yells. Does not like friends.”

She rarely likes being coddled or touched but needs help her with daily life. For example, the kitty wears custom ‘Sprinkle Suits,” which are adorable. While cute, a stylish suit helps her with mobility and protects her skin. Additionally, she has a sensitive tummy and needs help expressing her bladder and bowels. For experienced rescuers, it’s not difficult, but it does take patience, especially with an often bitey kitten!

Tabby kitten in stuffed animals, Charlie's Army

Sprinkle Survives Surgery and Takes Off

It’s hard to believe, but nothing slowed down Sprinkle, even after a triple amputation. She recovered, even after tearing her stitches multiple times and returning to the emergency vet. Then, it was amazing how she adapted.

In recent months, Sprinkle has had many ups and downs – a UTI and overcoming ringworm. But like everything else, she survived, a tiny but mighty fighter who lets nothing stand in her way. She’s no delicate princess and you can see it!

Grown up Sprinkle the cat, Marie Gutshall, Philadelphia, PA

Now, she’s ready to find the right home with a loving family who will appreciate her wild purrsonality and give her the care she needs daily. It will take a specific family who wants to adopt a forever furbaby who needs time to adjust to new people and many not enjoy being with other pets. Watch the video here: