Deaf and blind dog reacts to a surprise visit from his favourite person

Bumper was born bliпd and deαf but his family could tell from the moment they met him at 8-weeks-old that he was exceptionally smart and adventurous.

Amy, his mom, recently filmed Bumper reacting to a surprise visit from one of his favorite people, her daughter Faeron.

Bumper was resting on his pillow when Faeron stepped inside. But Bumper wasn’t aware of his visitor at first. Faeron walks right up to him and it takes her placing her hand by his nose for him to suddenly recognize her.

“Normally our deαf and bliпd pup Bumper would immediately smell that someone new had entered the house and would be greeting them at the door,” Amy writes on YouTube. “We are not sure why it took him so long this time, but his reaction when he finally figured it out was priceless.”

Bumper jumps up excitedly and grabs his pillow and then races off for Faeron’s shoe. Amy explains, “His first response to a new human in the house is usually to find a toy or really any object to share with them. His second response is to run to the door and fetch their footwear.”

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Bumper then plays a heartwarming game. Amy describes “When we have a group of people visiting, he will play a matching game where he grαbs a shoe from the door and carries it around until he finds the person who matches the scent.”

Here’s a short video of how Amy and her family came to get Bumper.