Grown-up pitbull still thinks she’s daddy’s little girl (video)

The bond between the young puppy Annabelle and her new master grew stronger with each passing day. From the moment she was cradled in his arms, the sweetness of their connection knew no bounds.

At a tender age of three weeks, Annabelle had already declared herself as daddy’s girl. Her display of affection captured the hearts of millions, leaving an indelible mark of love.

“It’s like a bond that you can’t really define,” Annabelle’s father shared with GeoAnimals, trying to put into words the depth of their connection.

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Annabelle’s biological mother had been surrendered to a local shelter a week before giving birth to her puppies. Instead of delivering them in the shelter, a group of animal enthusiasts stepped in, providing a nurturing home for the pregnant mother.

The moment arrived, and the mother dog gave birth to twelve healthy puppies, among them was Annabelle. Although the family initially had no plans to keep any of the puppies, they fell head over heels in love with little Annabelle and her brother Norman.

With her striking blue eyes, Annabelle captured everyone’s attention. Her brother, Norman, sometimes growled at her, but she showered him with love and affection, always wanting to kiss his face. Their bond was undeniable, and they became inseparable companions.

Annabelle also shared a remarkable bond with her brother Norman. They were drawn to each other from the moment they entered the world, and Annabelle would climb over her ten siblings just to be near him.

When they were separated, they experienced separation anxiety. Once, when Annabelle had to visit the vet, Norman sat at the window, gazing after her, refusing to move from that spot until Annabelle returned home.

Today, Annabelle has grown into a big girl, but she remains daddy’s girl through and through. Despite her substantial growth since the first time she was cradled in her master’s arms, their bond has only strengthened with time.

You can witness the heartwarming moments of their first hug and their extraordinary bond in the captivating video below, a testament to the power of love and companionship.