Celebrating Archie’s 1st Birthday had to be a special one! A lot of treats and a lot of toys and playtime (VIDEO)

Happy Birthday to our purr-fect companion, Our adorable cat, you bring us elation. With a meow and a purr, you steal our hearts, In your fluffy embrace, love never departs.

Today’s your special day, oh sweet feline, We’ll shower you with treats and love divine. May your whiskers twitch with delight, As we celebrate under the moonlight.

Wishing you joy and endless fun, May you bask in the warmth of the sun. With cuddles and pets, we’ll pamper you, Oh, precious kitty, our love is true

So let’s raise a toast, it’s time to cheer, For many more birthdays, my dear! Happy Birthday to our furry mate, Our love for you, forever great! Watch video here: