Cat Walks Up to Rescuers Like a Little Kangaroo and is so Happy to Get Help

Upon reaching the feral colony, the rescuers were surprised to encounter a cat walking on its hind legs.

Roo is a resident of the colony who is believed to be approximately two years old and despite being small in size, she has a hearty appetite and enjoys all the attention she receives.

The team of helpers is currently focused on rounding up every feline in the colony for eventual relocation. However, there was one particular cat named Roo who required extra attention and care.

Upon receiving her first meal, she was famished and eagerly devoured all of it without hesitation. Despite having a physical abnormality, Roo is thriving and primarily relies on her hind legs for mobility.

After undergoing recovery, she has finally found herself in a better state. Her kind-hearted and affectionate personality is now shining through. Roo is doing exceptionally well in her foster home and will be living as an indoor cat permanently.

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Great news! All the felines from the colony have been saved, and even Marty – Roo’s closest comrade – is now safe.

At the same time, Roo is the queen of her household, surrounded by countless playthings and furry companions to keep her entertained day in and day out. It’s safe to say that she’s living her best life and adores every moment of it.


All the colony cats have been rescued, including little Marty. Here’s Roo reuniting with her good friend.

The ROO Colony

“So far all the Colony cats have gone to homes with at least one buddy,” the rescue said.

Roo is a little supurrvisor in her house and she has many feline buddies to play with every day.

The ROO Colony

She is a happy little girl and absolutely loves life!

The ROO Colony

Roo loves her treats!

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