Cat mom who rυпs into bυrпiпg hoυse 5 times to save her kitteпs wins award for coυrage

As a mother or father, you know that you would do anything to protect your child. And it wouldn’t matter how you put yourself in danger.

The same happened to a mother cat who put herself in mortal danger to save her beloved children from a burning house.

When firefighters were called to a burning garage in Brooklyn, USA, they observed how the brave cat kept rushing into the building to get her kittens out of the flames one by one.

She ran inside a total of five times and carried her five kittens out one by one. Each time outside, the mama nudged her little ones against their noses to see if they were still alive.

After she was able to carry them all to safety, Scarlett, the name given to the cat later, collapsed from sheer excitement and exertion.

According to a user on Reddit, it was firefighter David Giannelli who witnessed the mama cat bravely tending to her offspring.

“Scarlett had already burned herself and was hurting more every time she went into the house. Her eyes were already swollen shut, her ears and paws burned, and her fur was already scorched,” you can read in the post.

“Most of her facial hair had burned away. After she rescued her children, you could see her nudging each kitten with her nose to make sure they were okay and alive. She couldn’t see anything because of the burns and passed out shortly after.”

Firefighters, meanwhile, managed to put out the fire and got medical help for the little animals and their mom. Unfortunately, one of the kittens did not survive it, but the other four fortunately survived largely unscathed and were adopted a short time later.

Adopted by family in Brooklyn

The brave cat’s story garnered media attention around the world, and books were even written about her with titles such as “Scarlett Saves Her Family” and “The Bravest Cat.”

Scarlett was also subsequently adopted by a family in Brooklyn and lived happily with them until her death.

There was even an award named after her by The North Shore Animal League, who initially took care of Scarlett and her kittens to commemorate her heroic efforts