Cary 2.8 Kilo Matted Heavily Dirty Fur – She was unable to run for food and became starved in the snow

On 27 Jan, a girl posted this pic on our VK asking for help. it’s late but I decided to drive 80km to help her. I arrived to the location when it’s already dark

luckily I found the dog right away – she stayed outside when she saw me, she looked a bit and then ran away

I followed her into the storage house – no one lived here to make friend with her – I gave her something to eat.

the poor dog was starved and she ate it immediately not sure how she couldn’t survive in that situation.

maybe she had food previously but it’s harder in winter her hair also grew long and dirty made it harder to run even so – she’s friendly – it’s not hard for us to take her

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on my way to the vet – I texted the girl for what happened. she said her mom just bought a house nearby & saw Viki

they asked and the agent said Viki’s owner on vacation. maybe in Thailand or somewhere until this summer

I couldn’t image how Viki survive if the girl didn’t call us finally we were able to take her for a health check and then trim her dirty long hair down

it’s HUGE – more than 2.8 kilograms in weight paid all her bills to able to take her home with me welcome to your new life Viki…

Source: the moho