Better with a dog, I say. The newlyweds requested that visitors bring pups rather of flowers

Every couple wants their wedding to be special. Kate also dreamed about this when she married David. That is why, inviting friends to a celebration, the couple decided: why not arrange a feast not only for people , but also for dogs?

When Kate and David met, they did not know that they would become a family. Both suffered from panic attacks and, as far as possible, supported each other in the difficult struggle for emotional and psychological health.

At some point, they realized that they loved each other and decided to get married. But before that, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Waffle (Waffi for short) appeared in their lives.

A cheerful, active and cheerful girl, she filled the life of the family with positive and became a true friend!

Kate admits that when she is sick, Waffy is always there, and if there is longing in her heart, the pet will definitely cheer her up.

The dog is incredibly active, so he enjoys walking with his owners on hikes and walks.

Waffi also loves to swim, run in the snow, cuddle with her mistress and sleep on her comfortable bed!

Flowers? Why, if there are dogs!

When the couple decided to get married, the four-legged girlfriend became the first guest at the wedding. And so that the pet would not be bored, Kate and David called the guests and invited them to come to the celebration with the dogs.

“ Dogs put people at ease, so we thought it would be a good idea to rent puppies from The Sato Project as bouquets . It was like in a fairy tale!” Kate said laughing.

And so it happened: guests came to the wedding, and in their hands were charming dogs, which were decorated with wreaths.

In the same, but larger, there was Waffle. The idea really turned out to be successful, and the guests did not hide their smiles, stroking the cute puppies.

The bride said that at first they had a small rehearsal so that the animals adapted to what was happening, and only then the newlywed dressed up in a wedding dress.

The atmosphere reigned unforgettable, which will always be reminded of the happy faces of the newlyweds in the photographs.

By the way, the hostess admitted that she would gladly take all the dogs, but the pet would hardly be happy with this state of affairs!

Well, we wish this family happiness, and Waffle will continue to please its owners!