Before going to bed, a toddler sneaks into the room to kiss the dog who is nursing her puppies (video)

As babies spend time with their furry companions, they often develop strong and lasting connections. These animals become a part of the family, almost like an additional sibling or parent. However, there is one young girl who seems to have taken on the role of “big sister” or “mom” to her family’s dog – even when the dog had her own litter of puppies!

RM Videos recently shared a heartwarming video of a little girl secretly entering a room where a mother dog and her puppies were staying. The toddler affectionately pets and kisses the mother dog before quickly running back out, creating a sweet moment in the dimly lit room. It’s a touching scene that showcases the bond between humans and their furry friends.

The kind-hearted actions of the adorable girl captured the attention of many and the video swiftly gained popularity, racking up millions of views and thousands of comments.

One of the commenters on the video pointed out that the child’s behavior is genuine, as she is unaware of being monitored. This reinforces the authenticity of the footage. Another user praised the child’s behavior, remarking that good kids often become good adults and make positive contributions to the world around them.