At a safari park, four healthy white lion cubs are born, which is quite uncommon

The majestic white lion is an extremely rare animal that is affected by a genetic mutation leaving it with its stunning white fur.

Their unusual white coat is down to a recessive trait called leucism, which is similar to albinism but not as extreme. Leucism means the animal loses a part of its pigment while its eyes and lips remain the same.

On November 6, these white lion quadruplets were born at Nantong Forest Safari Park in Jiangsu, China

Four of these ultra-rare adorable little balls of fur were all born at the same time, what are the odds!

All four of these ultra-rare and ultra-adorable babies were announced to be male. In the photos released on social media, the cubs are seen eating and playing around with each other.

According to the Nantong Forest Safari Park, the cubs are perfectly healthy and are growing very quickly.

The cub are perfectly healthy and growing fast. There are less than 13 white lions living in the wild and less than 300 living in captivity

According to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, white lions aren’t yet recognized as a separate species. Because of that, despite being so rare, they aren’t considered to be an endangered species, therefore these animals aren’t protected by law.

“The White Lions are listed as Panthera leo, which is classified as ‘Vulnerable,’ meaning they may become threatened with extinction in the future unless trade is closely controlled.”

“The White Lion gene needs to be researched, understood and protected, as a matter of urgency.”

Image credits: AFP