As Harvey the handicapped kitten learns to walk on his elbows, his tenacity is evident.

In Scotland, four-month-old snow-white kitten Harvey is forced to learn to walk on his elbows and even move on his back, as he was born without the bones of his front paws.

Harvey suffers from a rare, painful condition called radial agenesis . Animal rights activists learned about the kitten when the owner put it up for sale on the Gumtree advertising website. X-rays showed that Harvey’s ulna and the radius of the bone that connects his upper torso to his front legs and feet are missing.

Now, thanks to the efforts of the animal welfare charity Cats Protection . Harvey will undergo surgery, during which metal pins will be installed to replace the missing bone.

Now the kitten lives at home with 50-year-old Liz McCulloch (Liz McCulloch).

– He’s a lovely little creature. Born not like ordinary cats, he does not even know about his injury. He runs as best he can, as he has got used to it, – the woman says. Now everything is more or less fine with him, but without surgery, when Harvey grows up, it will be more difficult for him, there will be too much load on his back. 

In just 3 days, volunteers from Cats Protection raised more than 3,000 pounds for the cat’s operation. After the operation, the life of the cat should change dramatically for the better.