Artist Creates 25 Animal Felted Wool Toys And Their Tiny Adorable Twins

Do you adore felted wool stuffed animals? They appear to be genuine, don’t they? Many of these toys resemble miniature representations of the animals. When the two are photographed in the same location, they may steal the hearts of anybody, especially animal lovers. If you like a furry buddy, you will adore anything associated to them. Why not try these adorable little replicas?

We’d like to share 26 lovely little wool pets with you today. Alyson Gurney, the founder and proprietor of Little Felted Friends, creates them. It generates a hyper-realistic miniature representation of our four-legged buddies. You can contact Gurney if you want to give your pet a young brother or sister that looks precisely like him. It would be an excellent present for your pet!

#1 Me and my little bro!

#2 Lying next to my twin

#3 Handsome black doggies!

#4 Look like twins? Love this wool toy so bad!

#5 Cute fluffy guys!

#6 Say hi to the world, bro!

#7 Kiss my twin, actually a wool toy that looks exactly like me!

#8 Adorable fluffy guys. Who doesn’t fall in love with these twins?

#9 We, in our real life and in mini version. Love these felted wool toys so much

#10 Huh? Is he my tiny version? Much look alike each other

#11 So handsome dogs!

#12 This wool toy looks like the guy next to it

#13 Hi, I’m there to welcome my little twin home

#14 Hi bro! Why don’t you sing like me?

#15 Is he my tiny version? Look more awesome than I think!

#16 Hi, we’re here!

#17 Let’s take a picture, twin!

#18 Who are you holding? My tiny twin?

#19 Uhm, he looks much like me? Who is he? I can’t be small like this

#20 Look alike each other?

#21 I love this wool toy!

#22 Thanks for bringing these adorable wool toys to home

#23 Two faces and resemblance?

#24 Take a selfie with my twin!

#25 My new wool toy is here