Amazing rescue: Dog Held Under Sewer Pipe for Days Without Being Noticed Saved in Dramatic Operation

The puppy was recovered, loaded and carefully transported to an emergency veterinarian for immediate medical attention.

It wasn’t long before they found the dog’s owner; Buddy, the 15-year-old dog, had been missing for three weeks.

For three days, Buddy received life-saving emergency care. His condition slowly began to improve.

And yes, Buddy has made notable progress, but he’s an older guy with follow-up doctor appointments, ultrasounds, x-rays, and an eye doctor appointment.

Additionally, due to Buddy’s age, he cannot be sedated, so finding a loving and patient foster home would be the best solution for Buddy.

The shelter will continue to cover all of his medical care, as well as his food and supplements.

Buddy doesn’t seem to mind cats and does better with calmer dogs.

Everyone feeling much better