After their dog became pαгαlysed, the dog’s owners construct a personalised wheelchαir out of PVC pipe.

Bentley is a cute little Corgi who is getting up there in age. He has arthritis and is becoming paralyzed in his back legs. He’s having a tough time even standing up, so his humans decided to help him out so he can enjoy the last little bit of his  life without so much pain and a little mobility. They started out with some PVC pipe and came up with one awesome little puppy wheelchair for little Bentley.

Grandpa assembled the basic frame during lunch one day. It was very easy and the PVC could be adjusted for a custom fit.


After the framework was complete, they mocked up a harness using an old tarp. This was just a prototype which is why Zip-Ties are holding it to the PVC framework.

With everything lining up perfectly, they knew they had the framework complete. It was time to paint. How about a manly charcoal gray for little Bentley.

They had this jogging strap lying around that had a handle on it and 3 underside buckles which were very comfortable for the Corgi. This one was made for hiking and very reliable and durable.

Unfortunately, this is all Bentley can do with his aged condition. He can barely even stand to move.

They found some very comfortable fabric and used a $10 snap kit from Home Depot to fasten it to the framework of the wheelchair.

The strap in the back connects to the handle of Bentley’s jogging harness to keep him upright. They added ribbons so cars could see him.

Here is the final product. It has a cutout in the back so Bentley can poop without worrying and a little cutout underneath for him to pee and not get it all over the chair. Spoiler alert, he still pees all over the chair.

You can’t help but notice that huge smile! Bentley was becoming more and more depressed each day without the use of his legs, making his family depressed as well. He’s so much happier now that he has his wheels and has a sense of pride again now that he can cruise about. They will build a little platform for his back legs when they become completely immobile.

This is absolutely adorable and little Bentley is so lucky to have humans like these guys to take care of him and help with his pain. We all get old and start to need assistance and Bentley has come to that point. I think this is a good start in return for the years of love he has given his family.

Source: Buzznick