After being kicked out by his owner, he spent a month crying and begging with his owner to bring him inside

This dog stayed like this for a month in front of his house. And it was the neighbor who called us to take he said the dog’s owner kicked him out but the faithful dog was not although he waits for the owner to open the gate for him.

He’s skinny because he didn’t eat enough I don’t understand why they abandoned such a loyal dog Most of all he was with them and loved them for 7 years.

He resisted and didn’t want to get out of the car. He realizes that this is not the house with its owner When it was 5 am the vet was still not open We decided to walk a little to get there.

I’ll never be able to forget his eyes back then The sadness in him is as deep as the ocean He was afraid of not knowing what awaited him For the first time in his life he’s gone this far As I walked, I noticed that he was limping. On admission, his temperature rose to 40.6 degrees. He also didn’t eat or drink a bit. The doctor had to do tests right away.

The doctor noticed that her abdomen was distended. And when he touched it, he felt pain and ultrasound results showed that there was a lot of feces in the abdominal cavity. He was exhausted, dehydrated for a long time. It also causes severe pain in the abdomen.

Doctors actively and devotedly treated him There were times when he didn’t want to do anything. He just stood there and looked at the wall. No matter how much I console him, he is silent.