After being found in a drain by a gym patron, a stray puppy finds refuge.

Roaming the streets of Bali, Indonesia, a small brown puppy sought refuge from the harsh elements. Spotting an opening just large enough for her, she nestled inside—a drain pipe by the bustling roadside.

The puppy, later named Charlie, yearned for someone to notice her presence. Unfortunately, her chosen makeshift home didn’t attract much attention. Most passing cars whizzed by too swiftly to catch a glimpse of Charlie’s inquisitive hazel eyes peeking out from the curb.

However, soon her fortunes would change.

“While I was at home working, my partner was on his way to the gym, passing through our neighborhood when he spotted her,” shared Charlie’s compassionate caregiver, Aubrey V Lynn. “He initially drove past, but he couldn’t bear leaving her behind, so he turned around and sent me a message.”

Charlie’s predicament stirred a mix of sorrow and determination within Lynn—she felt heartbroken seeing the puppy all alone but was ready to extend a helping hand.

Mindful of the bustling traffic, Lynn and her partner knew they had to approach the rescue operation with caution, ensuring Charlie wouldn’t dart into harm’s way.

“We both felt a sense of anxiety because sometimes she would emerge from the hole,” Lynn recounted. “But she wouldn’t allow us to get close enough to capture her.”

The duo ventured to a local pet store, purchasing dog food in hopes that it would entice Charlie out of the drain. And then they waited. For over 24 hours, the puppy remained steadfast in her shelter.

“We sat there for hours attempting to reach her,” Lynn described. “But she wouldn’t come out. As we were about to leave, getting back on our scooter, she ran right up to us.”

As if instantly comforted by a gentle touch, the initially wary puppy swiftly eased into a state of relaxation.

“She immediately calmed down and made no attempt to escape,” Lynn shared.

Lynn and her partner took Charlie home. Although they hadn’t planned on having a dog, it didn’t take long for them to realize that their hearts were captivated.

“While our primary focus was ensuring her safety during the rescue, we never discussed the idea of keeping her,” Lynn admitted. “But deep down, I believe both of us knew in that moment that she had become a cherished part of our family.”

Despite her limited exposure to people and the comforts of a home, Charlie effortlessly adapted without any issues. It was as if she instinctively recognized that she had found her forever abode.

“Charlie adjusted remarkably well,” Lynn reflected. “We allowed her to eat and sleep in a secure environment initially. Then, during our first interaction with her, she exhibited initial shyness, which dissipated swiftly. You could tell she yearned for love—it was truly heartwarming.”