Adorable puppy dυmped in biп is only surviving member of his litter

A “miracle” puppy has been given a new home just in time for Christmas after she was dumped in the woods.

A litter of 11 newborn puppies were found in a bin bag in a wooded area off of Heath Lane in Halifax in June.

The puppies, who were just a few hours old and still had their umbilical cords attached, were rushed to a local vet – but sadly only one survived.

Tippy, who made a “miraculous recovery”, has now been taken in by her new owners Lis and Richard Parker, and their 7-year-old son, Finlay, in Huddersfield.

Lis said that Tippy, an Akita Rottweiler cross, has settled in really well to the family.

She added: “She is so good with everyone, especially children. She is very playful so we are taking her to dog training classes and she is eager to learn and to please.

“She will be getting spoiled this Christmas and we already have some dog toy presents arranged for her to unwrap.”

Tippy’s new family say she has settled in really well.Credit: RSPCA

This week, Tippy met up with RSPCA deputy chief inspector Sara Jordan who hand-reared her when she was rescued.

Sara said: “It is amazing to see Tippy looking so well and happy and she has grown so much.

“It was very hard to let go of her as we had formed a close bond during the early days – but I am delighted she has found such a fantastic family to now enjoy her life with.”