Abɑndoned in ɑgony: her fіght for survivɑl as a wɑrrior (video)

I found Kai by chance during an excursion outside the city. She was left sitting alone at the sewer door, unable to walk.

She stood there with her sad eyes looking at us begging for help as if “please don’t leave me alone.” I didn’t hesitate to find a way up to rescue that poor girl.

She can’t stop crying in pain. When I touched her body I knew that she was very unlucky. We are at the Veterinarian for control and treatment. She was convulsing, unable to stand for even a minute.

His condition is dire and he needs long-term treatment in the hope that he can walk or run again. Day 1: Kai was suspected of having measles and was showing signs of tics.

He has a fever of up to 39.5 degrees and diarrhea. Kai had an MRI test but luckily he didn’t have any brain problems. However, because the tics symptoms continue and cause pain. Then we need to do a PCR test to find the cause and it would take 5-6 days to get the correct results.

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Day 5: OMG, the PCR showed a lot of contrast medium in the lungs. The heartless owner abandoned her because they already knew! That means he never went back to being a normal dog. But she was a strong dog and she wanted to live strong.

So I was trying to find a way for her to live comfortably with all my care and love… We would also do the best we could together!

Day 12: Kai was still taking anticonvulsants and acupuncture every day to reduce the frequency. But the symptoms seem to get worse. However, she ate and her intestines were fine and that is a good sign.

Therapeutic treatment for Kai every day, he feels better! Kai needed a lot of time, patience, attention and love during her long treatment. She also needed to work hard for her rehabilitation in the hope that one day she can stand on all four of her legs.

Day 30: Kai ate a lot of food, stronger than before. She had no intention of giving up and she always tried to complete the exercises well! 2 out of 4 of Kai’s legs had started to feel good and move… When she put the needle on the tips of her legs, she jumped reflexively, she was very happy at that moment.

After many attempts we finally found a ray of light, that was a ray of happiness.

Day 35: Kai and I soaked in a herbal bath, both for treatment and relaxation. Day 45: Little Kai was so strong, she fought so hard to live… I thought that one day Kai would run to me on her four legs but she was faster than she thought.

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Kai has shown everyone that she is a true fighter and will do anything to improve. Kai deserves to live a happy life that a normal dog deserves to live happily! I’m proud of you my little princess Kai. I love you!