Abandoned dog’s mouth taped shut! Heartless thugs leave her to suffer

A TERRIFIED dog had her nose and mouth so tightly bound the tape had to be surgically removed by vets.

The thugs were said to have crudely muzzled the greyhound cross because she was barking before dumping her.

Luckily she was found by a horrified passer-by. But experts believe she had been painfully bound for up to TWO DAYS.

It was so tight vets even had to put the traumatised mutt under anaesthetic to free her from the painful tape.

Animal Rights UK has appealed for information about the poor pooch which has already been shared across the UK more than 5,000 in just one day.

Laura Vickery said: “I have seen so many beautiful dogs on Facebook being found with tape around their muzzles – it’s sickening.

“It’s like people are copying what others are doing, getting sick enjoyment from seeing a dog suffer in such a painful way.

“These people are heartless, evil monsters and should never be allowed to ever own a animal again.

The traumatised canine is now recovering at an RSPCA centre with new friends

Worried dog-lovers say they have seen an increase in these types of attacks over recent weeks

“I hope they find who did this to this poor, beautiful dog and then lock them away for a very long time.”

Sue Cybersilver added: “That’s about the fifth dog I’ve seen on FB (sic) in as many weeks with its mouth taped up.

“Animal cruelty needs to be taken more seriously in this country with more prosecutions and harsher penalties.”

Animal Rights UK wrote: “The RSPCA came to rescue her and removed the tape under anaesthesia.

“It had probably been on for two days.”

The dog was found in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, on Saturday.