A Warming Story of Survival After 12 Hours in the Cold: Rescued a Puppy

A little puppy who had strayed from home suffered a terrible accident after being hit by a car, leaving her paralyzed and laying on the cold ground for a full 12 hours.

This unfortunate incident occurred in one of the northern communities of Alberta, Canada, where the frigid weather only added to the pup’s grim situation. Thankfully, some teenagers stumbled upon the helpless dog and alerted the AB Task Force, who quickly contacted the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) to come to her aid.

After lying alone and cold for more than 12 hours, the rescue team finally found Nutmeg and took her to SAVEvet. The snow had melted around her due to her body heat. When the rescuers arrived, Nutmeg was overjoyed to see them.

Currently, Nutmeg is recovering from her broken pelvis and has been advised to rest in a crate for six weeks. To make her feel better, AARCS is pampering Nutmeg with treats, kisses, and back scratches.

Despite her previous trauma, this adorable pup is still full of joy – her tail wagging non-stop! Luckily, she’s in the capable hands of the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, who are dedicated to helping all kinds of cats and dogs in need.

Sadly, thousands of these furry friends are without a home or are suffering from abuse and neglect. AARCS work tirelessly to provide vital medical care, spaying/neutering, and vaccinations for animals in rural and First Nations communities that have limited access to such services.

In 2015 alone, they took in over 2,000 cats and dogs, giving them the love and attention they deserve before finding them their forever families. Once this precious pup is fully healed, she’ll be ready to start a new chapter in her life with a loving new family.