A touching story of a grieviпg Pitbull who holds 4 пewborn kittens, who have lost everything, in her lap, showing compassion and care

An example of mother love is this magnificent dog, who gently nurtured a group of kittens that evidently were not with their mother.

Regardless of the eternal dispute between cats and dogs, when he observed that these little ones needed milk, he did not refuse. She sits calmly and waits for them to eat, a demonstration of how remarkable animals are and how much we have to learn from them.

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Around 4 kittens are under her lap, with complete tranquility it is seen that they are searching for her пiρρles as a site of food.

The compassionate face that this mother offers us moves us readily, with her ears down, she stares at whoever is filming her. She knows that she is doing something very pleasant for others and those around her are appreciative.

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