A starving homeless dog finds a home and is brought to pet-friendly eateries in Los Angeles

 A formerly homeless dog is now having a blast jumping around Los Angeles’ hottest eateries. Back in 2014, Ivy Diep dubbed the stray dog Popeye after finding him on the streets. Diep made the decision to bring the dog home because he was thin and matted. Popeye got along with her spouse and their other dogs right away.

She once brought Popeye along with her to one of their Instagram dates. They often evaluate restaurants on Instagram, take photos, and try out new places to eat. She then realized that Popeye actually makes a fantastic dining partner. He behaves nicely around food and even sits still and smiles for pictures.

Don’t worry, Popeye doesn’t actually get to eat all the yummy stuff in the shot since his parents only give him food that is safe for canines. She developed Popeye the Foodie Dog, an Instagram account dedicated to documenting Popeye’s foodie travels around LA.