A spontaneous kitten joins a beach-going couple on an adventure

During their motorhome trip in Greece, Claire and Derek from Rocking Life On The Road unexpectedly gained a cute travel companion. While watching the sunset on a beach, a lively tabby kitten approached them and requested for some food.

According to Claire’s account to Love Meow, they were on the beach in Evia when a small kitten approached them. The area was devoid of other tourists except for an old man who was taking a stroll.

The kitten had apparently gone up to the man and begged for food, leading him to surmise that it didn’t belong to anyone in the vicinity since most properties were either unoccupied or being used as holiday residences.

Upon further inquiry and chatting with several individuals, it became evident that nobody was searching for a lost feline. It dawned on us that the kitten had most likely been abandoned at the shore and without sustenance, he wouldn’t last much longer. As nightfall approached, the kitty began to frolic around Claire’s feet, attempting to get her attention by giving her rough tongue licks. At that point, she scooped him up and he promptly dozed off in her embrace. The little one quickly adapted to their mobile home surroundings.

The pair decided to hang around for a while in case the tiny cat’s owner showed up, but unfortunately, no one came forward. The adorable stray had already made himself comfortable in their mobile home and even acted as their security guard. Unable to leave him behind due to his size and hunger, the couple opted to bring him along on their travels. They named him Vangelis, a Greek name that means Archangel, as shared by Claire with Love Meow.

The little feline is an excellent companion for journeys and doesn’t seem to be affected by the commotion caused by the engine and other vehicles. The couple has grown fond of the kitten, who has managed to capture Derek’s attention completely. According to Claire, the kitten has already become a part of their family and has a wonderful temperament, yet still maintains his self-sufficiency.

The cute tabby feline has a special connection with Derek as he enjoys perching on his lap while he works on his computer. However, when it comes to morning snuggles, he prefers cuddling with me. His affectionate nature and wonderful personality make him truly remarkable. This charming kitty has also won over the hearts of many in the neighborhood. His mere presence brings joy and happiness to those around him.

A lovely Greek woman was drawn to a kitten she saw on the beach and quickly fell in love with the energetic little furball. She approached a couple nearby and offered them some cat food and treats. She even promised to return the following day. Later on, she came back with not just cat food but also a generous gift for the couple – a large bag of oranges from her own trees and eggs from her chickens.
“We have experienced countless moments of kindness like this during our travels in Greece. It’s truly heartwarming how strangers can be so kind to one another.”

Vangelis has quickly become a skilled traveler, adapting well to car rides and showing a healthy appetite. According to Derek, the furry companion comfortably rests on Claire’s lap during the journey and after 15 minutes, dozes off while gazing out the window.

The lively striped cat is thoroughly enjoying his newfound existence with his perfect family. Rather than aimlessly searching for food and lacking a sense of belonging, he is now surrounded by caring humans who provide him with everything he requires.