A puppy wag-a-thon greets an inquisitive German Shepherd, displaying their joyful excitement

A gentle German Shepherd named Rocky lived with his owners Taras and his wife, in Costa del Sol, Spain. The adorable dog and his several siblings stayed together with their caring owners.

Taras had ensured that all his pets got along from a very young age. Recently, he decided to introduce 5 adorable puppies to his gentle yet giant German Shepherd, Rocky.

Taras kept the puppies separately in a room. The little puppies were playing on the bed when Rocky came in. The curious giant was intrigued by the sight of so many cute little babies wagging their tails.

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Rocky immediately wanted to know more about them. He started to sniff the little ones one at a time. After a while, Taras’s partner took one of the cream-furred puppies in her palm and brought the two closer.

This was when another little one came in and wanted to be friendly with the gentle giant. It felt as if Rocky had decided to mentor these little ones as he also wanted to be close to the cute puppies.

He hopped on the bed, sniffed at the puppies, and wanted to gain their trust. It did not take him much time to become friends with the 5 little babies. It was amazing to find how they had got along so well even after having such different personalities.

The happy babies felt safe, comfortable, and loved with Rocky. The dog making a mental note of the scent of each puppy and establishing a trusted relationship showed his intelligence.