A man is jogging on the beach when he sees movement among the rocks that stops him in his tracks

On a sunny January day, a San Francisco man decided to go jogging along the beach. As he was driving along the windswept coastline, he heard a strange sound through the wind that stopped him in his tracks.

“He heard a muffled bark, but looked around and saw no one,” Animal Control Center Carlos Ortega told The Dodo.

The man decided to look for the source of the sound around the rocky cliffs that line the coast. After a few minutes of searching, he peers into the rock structure and discovers a pair of eyes staring at him!

The man immediately contacted the local animal control center and told them the name of the animal he had found. Mr. Ortega, who was contacted, hurried to the coast. When the tide comes in, the rocky area will soon be flooded.

“She didn’t have a lot of time to stay where she was without getting hurt. The tide was coming in and I had to move fast.”

The joggers had left before Ortega reached the shore, but before that, Ortega sent a pin to rescuers pointing to the dog’s location and rock formations. . Based on that information, Ortega accurately located the rocky mountain.

“I looked closely at all the rocks on the cliffside and tried to match the rock patterns in the photo with what was in front of me, but the whole area looked the same. It was

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After fifteen minutes of searching, Ortega finally found the rock pattern in the photo! I searched every crevice to find a space large enough for the animal to hide.

While picking up my mobile phone to ask my colleague for help, I was once again observing the rocky area…

“I looked down and Gwen was staring at me. She was shaking, but she didn’t say a word. She didn’t make a sound.”

Mr. Ortega quickly devised a plan to remove the upper rocks without hurting Gwen, lifting the top rocks and pushing them down the cliff, revealing an exhausted Gwen.

“I reached out and stroked her.

Gaining her trust, Ortega attached her to a leash for safety and carefully led her out of the rock cave. And she took a picture with her new friend after making sure she wasn’t injured.

“She was nice and gentle. She just snuggled up to me.”

Gwen is safely rescued. Luckily she had a microchip and was able to return to her family soon after. If the discovery is delayed even a little more… the baton of life that is connected by people’s kindness.


I’m sure Gwen is relaxing in a warm and safe place by now.

Source: thedodo