A man found the smallest cat left behind at the farm after hearing a kitten’s cries

While at the farm, the man’s ears perked up upon hearing a pitiful meow from a kitten. Intrigued, he followed the noise and discovered a tiny fluffball nestled in the blades of grass.

kitten in the palm of your hand

The man waited for the mother cat to return, but she never did. He picked up the baby gently from the ground with one hand and took him home, hoping for the best. Seeking help, he turned to a volunteer named Jessica. The baby was only a day old, and it was uncertain whether he would survive or not.

Upon being approached, Jessica sprung into action by bringing a bottle of milk replacer to feed the kitten. Woody, as she named him, weighed a mere 86 grams, and his life was hanging in the balance. Despite the odds, Jessica refused to give up on him and cared for him tirelessly.

kitten in the palm of your hand figure 2

As soon as the young girl finished feeding the baby, he dozed off right away. Such a tiny little warrior, it was clear to everyone that he wouldn’t give up easily! To ensure that Woody was well taken care of, Jessica and her fellow volunteer Kim took turns looking after him.

kitten on the bed

After seven days, the little one started to tip the scale at 200 grams! He became fond of Kim and Jessica, who visited him every two hours to provide food and ensure his comfort and warmth.

Once Woody’s eyes opened, his wobbly legs carried him around in an attempt to discover his surroundings. A cozy blanket that the volunteers brought him quickly became his favorite as he now enjoys playfully rolling around on it.

plump kitten

After a few weeks, Woody had grown so much that the volunteers were no longer anxious about his health. They were thrilled to witness his progress and see how strong he had become. It won’t be long before the baby is fully prepared for adoption!

It’s great to see a kind-hearted individual taking notice of little Woody. The poor kitten stood no chance of survival out on the streets all by itself at just one day old. A big thank you to the caring person who stepped up to help!