A lonesome kitten was seen at a construction site and was later joined by a twin in matching fur

While working on a construction site, the workers were quick to spot a lone kitten out of nowhere. To their surprise, after a few days, another kitten with the same fluffy coat made an appearance.

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It was three months back when a teeny-weeny kitten was spotted all by itself in the parking lot of a construction area. The workers searched high and low for other kittens but found no luck. The mother of the kitten never came back, which led them to reach out to Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (MLAR) for assistance.
Monica, an MLAR’s foster volunteer, happily accepted the kitten with open arms and named him Squiggy. She took care of him wholeheartedly to provide him with a healthy and safe beginning.
To her surprise, a few days later, another kitten of the same age and fluffiness appeared at the same site.

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A cute little kitten was discovered all by itself at a construction site and was saved by the kind-hearted people at murphyslawanimalrescue. They received a call from a city worker who found the tiny fur baby in a Skid Steer front-end loader. Interestingly, this kitten looked quite similar to another one that had been found just a week prior – it was white with black spots. Given the striking resemblances, it’s highly probable that these two adorable kittens are related.

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After a short time, an identical kitten with the same fluffy appearance was discovered at Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue. Despite their search efforts, there was no sign of a mother cat nearby. The rescuers were left wondering if the two kittens were siblings. They decided to arrange a reunion for the two kittens and named the new arrival Shirley. When Monica picked up Shirley, she knew that the odds were in their favor of being related. Shirley quickly became a cuddle-bug, feeling safe and loved in a cozy blanket.

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At Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, a heartwarming sight was witnessed when Shirley met Squiggy. The two cute animals walked next to each other and started sniffing each other from top to bottom. It didn’t take long for them to become best buddies as they began playing together. They tumbled around, climbing over each other and even engaged in some rough wrestling before finally dozing off together in deep slumber.

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As soon as they were reunited, the two kittens from murphyslawanimalrescue started snuggling together. According to reports, they have been playing and enjoying each other’s company ever since. The reunion was made possible by a group of five people who worked together tirelessly to ensure that the kittens would not be separated again. They have bonded exceptionally fast, and it has only been a few hours since they got back together. It’s great to see how these kittens have found comfort in each other’s presence.

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Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue shared a cute photo of two adorable puppies who were inseparable. Squiggy was busy trying to figure out how to play with toys while his sister, Shirley, was focused on perfecting her walk and wrestling skills. Squiggy quickly adapted to eating from a dish but Shirley preferred some extra bottle feeding time. The siblings were always rolling and tumbling in their nest like two fluffy roly-poly balls.

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These two adorable kittens were inseparable and shared a strong bond that reflected on their personalities. Shirley, the elder among them, was quick to teach Squiggy everything she knew, so they could be together all the time. When it was time for Squiggy to be weaned, Shirley made sure to put in extra effort so she could eat alongside her brother. Seeing him use the litter box, she followed suit and tried to do the same. It’s heartwarming to see how these feline siblings care for each other!

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@murphyslawanimalrescue’s post shares that Shirley enjoys playtime as one of her daily activities, but she still values sleep the most. The post also mentions how reuniting Shirley with her brother Squiggy was a special moment for the rescue organization. Providing Shirley with the same second chance as Squiggy is a fulfilling experience for them.

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The duo of Squiggy and Shirley at Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue is just as inseparable as classic pairs like peanut butter and jelly or baseball and apple pie. Their playful and wobbly demeanor is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face, as they are truly little balls of joy.

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When these cats were still young and full of energy, they loved to cause trouble along with their fellow foster kittens. It didn’t take them long to become quite sociable and friendly with others.

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Shirley, a foster kitty, spent her time with another feline named Stanley at Murphys Law Animal Rescue. Eventually, they grew big enough to find their forever home, thanks to the collective effort of the community who helped save them. Squiggy and Shirley will now have each other to spend the rest of their lives with.

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Howdy! Let’s chat about Shirley, Squiggy, and their furry pals over at Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue.