A lady jumps into action to help a scared dog found abandoned by a river with a tied around his neck

One day, a Lithuanian woman named Audra Petraškienė and her daughter, Andra Petraškienė, were driving when they came upon a drenched, shivering dog. When they stopped to take a closer look, they were heartbroken.

Seemingly, someone tried to drown this innocent dog because they had hung a large, metal box around his neck. It appeared to be a makeshift anchor, attached to cause the dog to drown in the river.

When the Petraškienės found the dog, it was clear that he had gone through an ordeal. He was shaking and scared. While his persistence may have saved him from his near-death experience, Audra felt that he would likely be traumatized for life.

The Petraškienės brought him home, removed the anchor, and took him to the vet. Fortunately, the vet said that he was in perfectly good health aside from the stress caused by his abuse.

Enraged by what she witnessed, Audra tried reaching out to the dog’s owner. She posted about the dog on Facebook, eventually finding someone who claimed to be the owner.

According to him, someone stole his dog and attempted to drown him using the anchor. Despite finding the actual dog owner, Audra contacted the police, so they could make sure he had nothing to do with the crime.

It eventually turned out that the dog and his owner were victims of a revenge plot, and the owner’s neighbor was the person who kidnapped and tried to drown the poor dog.

Today, the dog has been reunited with his owner and is being loved and cared for.

Watch the video of the rescue below