A Kitten’s New Year Celebration with a Big Feline Family: From Lonely Car to Loving Home

A little feline that was discovered in a vintage automobile, has now acquired numerous new brothers and sisters to celebrate the arrival of the coming year alongside.

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KellyFosterKittens’ newest addition, Bentley, has a heart-warming story. The adorable little kitten was rescued by Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue in NC after being discovered in an old car. Fortunately, the rescue group quickly arranged for a foster home where Bentley could adjust to his new surroundings and start to feel safe. At first, he was quite shy and not sure what to make of the strange environment. However, with some tasty treats, patience, and a lot of love from his foster family, Bentley started to come out of his shell and show his true personality.

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Kellyfosterkittens discovered Bentley in an old car. After a week, Bentley became more comfortable and even found his purr. He enjoyed attention and started to meow whenever Sarah Kelly, the rescue’s founder, came into the room. Kelly would give him snuggles and attention in exchange for his adorable meows.

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Gradually, Bentley’s reserved nature began to fade away thanks to Kelly Foster Kitten’s efforts. Sarah arranged some playmates of his age for him, which helped him socialize and get plenty of cuddles. Meanwhile, a new batch of kittens, the “snow kittens,” arrived at the rescue, who needed 24-hour attention. The frightened felines were found huddled together in their carrier.

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The adorable “snow kittens” were rescued by Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue and were in dire need of tender loving care, as conveyed by Kelly Foster Kittens on social media. Sarah, a rescuer, expressed her belief that it would only take a short time before the kittens’ frosty demeanor would thaw. After receiving thorough cleaning, medical attention and proper nourishment, the kittens gradually warmed up to their caretakers one by one in the following days. Their health improved, and they started to exhibit inquisitive behavior.

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Kelly Foster Kittens helped nurse the six felines back to their healthy weight and energetic state. These little ones were curious and loved to explore every corner of their surroundings. They devoured many cans of food with their insatiable appetites. After a playful day, they would snuggle up in a fluffy pile and purr themselves to sleep.

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Kelly Foster Kittens’ adorable feline family includes Polar, a unique kitty with heterochromia, which means he has two different colored eyes. Despite being deaf, Polar is just as active and capable as his siblings – Frost, Storm, Ice, Snow, and Blizzard.

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Polar, the cool cat with multicolored eyes and hearing impairment, is no less than his siblings at @kellyfosterkittens. Once medically cleared, Bentley couldn’t contain his excitement to make some new friends when he met the Snow Crew. Bonding instantly, he became a part of the litter and followed them around, enjoying all the fun. The Snow Crew warmly welcomed him in their family along with a couple of other foster kittens who joined in the frolic.

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Bentley absolutely loves the Snow Crew and the other adorable foster kittens in his care, according to @kellyfosterkittens. The foster room is always buzzing with energy as the kittens playfully run around, climb cat trees, and engage in some friendly wrestling matches. Bentley is quite the little acrobat himself, demonstrating impressive jumping skills and even standing on his hind legs like a tiny human. Whenever Sarah arrives with food, he eagerly stands on his tiptoes, eager for some extra attention.

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Kelly Foster’s kitten Bentley is excitedly anticipating his meal as he stands on his tiptoes, according to a post on her Instagram account. The snow kittens love having Bentley around and consider him a part of the Snow Crew. As they welcome the New Year together, they will enjoy all the cozy feelings of comfort, warmth, and love. From being a timid kitten when they first met, Bentley has transformed into a curious and self-assured young feline who sports a very high-pitched meow.

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Bentley is having a great time this holiday season with his foster family. They are spending quality time together and welcoming in the upcoming New Year. It’s wonderful to see Bentley happy and content with @kellyfosterkittens.