A K9 partner pays a visit to an injuгed policе officeгin the hospital (Video)

Every year, police officers all across the country are injured or worse on the job. They face dangers most people will never know yet go to work each day to protect and serve the public, just as Officer Webb Sistrunk did the day he was shot in the shoulder.

It was just like any other day when K9 Officer Sistrunk of the Auburn Police Department responded to a domestic dispute call. A woman called 911 and claimed she was being hurt and officers were dispatched to the scene.

But tragically this day would not end like any other. Sistrunk and his fellow officers were met at the door by a man wearing body armor and holding a rifle at the home in Arrowhead Park, Auburn. The man appeared to be waiting for them to arrive and shot at the officers.

Tragically, Officer William Buechner was killed and officers Webb Sistrunk and Evan Elliott were injured. Officer Sistrunk was lucky to survive the incident and was treated at a nearby hospital.

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Three days after his injury he had a special visitor; His partner K9 Leon got to go to the hospital and visit Sistrunk. K9 Leon was thrilled to see his partner safe and surrounded by caring friends and family.

But, the happy K9 didn’t seem to understand why his partner wouldn’t let him climb right into the hospital bed with him. He was so excited to see him and just wanted to give his partner and friend plenty of kisses.

The K9 seemed happy to see everyone at the hospital, for him it was one big happy reunion. But most of all he was glad that his partner was safe even if he didn’t understand why he was in the bed and not by his side.

Thankfully, Officer Sistrunk made a full recovery and K9 Leon wasn’t injured during the altercation. Sistrunk soon got out of the hospital and was well enough to give Leon a big hug. We hope you enjoyed their sweet reunion. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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