A Heartbreaking Request from a Sick Stray: A dog reached in desperation, seeking urgent treatment

A street dog named Zhuzha roamed the streets, her limp noticeable and her belly swollen. The dedicated rescuers from Love Furry Friends immediately recognized that this distressed pup needed urgent medical attention.

One of the compassionate women from the rescue team approached a passerby, hoping to gather some information about Zhuzha.

To their surprise, the passerby revealed that Zhuzha had already been spayed, ruling out the possibility of pregnancy.

The tag on Zhuzha’s ear confirmed that she had been a beneficiary of the city’s spay/neuter program.

But what could explain her abnormally swollen belly? It was so large that it hindered her ability to walk comfortably. Zhuzha looked up at the kind-hearted woman with her pleading puppy eyes, desperately seeking help.

Without wasting any time, Zhuzha was swiftly taken to the veterinarian. The vet determined that her swollen belly was caused by a cardiac condition that led to fluid accumulation in her abdomen.

Immediate intervention was necessary to relieve the pressure. The medical procedure was a success, and Zhuzha experienced immense relief.

A few days later, her rescuer paid a visit to the recovering pup. Zhuzha joyfully devoured a treat and spent quality time with the woman who had saved her life.

It was a heartwarming sight to behold. Now, Zhuzha eagerly awaits her forever home in a safe environment where she will be showered with care and love.