A Family’s Experience with a Robotic Cat as a Comfort for a Father with Dementia

The term dementia refers to the signs of memory loss, difficulty in communication, and impaired thinking. It is accompanied by uncontrollable emotions and behavioral changes. Living with dementia is challenging for patients as well as their loved ones. If not handled correctly, it can lead to grief. Cheryl Yates, on the other hand, was able to manage her father’s dementia with ease due to her knowledge and instincts.

Robotic Cat
Robotic Cat 1
Robotic Cat 2

As you browse through Cheryl’s Facebook pictures, it becomes evident how much her father adores the cat. The robotic feline brought him immense joy and he couldn’t resist hugging it repeatedly.

Sylvie Schiller shared on Yates’ post that her mother, who has dementia, owns a cat that looks just like the one in the video. The cat has been with her mother for three years and has brought her much joy despite her declining health. Whenever the nurse places the cat on her lap and it starts meowing or purring, her mother’s face lights up, and she gives out a big smile. Sylvie highly recommends this cat to anyone looking for a loving companion for their loved ones with dementia. Don’t forget to watch the heartwarming video below for some inspiration.