A dog saves a newborn who was allegedly put in a rubbish bin

Amazing footage of a dog saving a newborn baby boy, who was allegedly dumped in a waste bin, has moved people around the world.

A man captured the moment while riding his bike in Kharbika, Oman, on Oct. 31. He noticed a stray dog walking and saw blood on the road.

When he went closer, he saw the dog was carrying the newborn in his mouth. The footage shows that the baby’s umbilical cord is still attached.

The dog took the baby to a house and barked at the front door. The occupants rushed the baby to hospital.

Oman police investigating the incident have checked several hospitals without success.

But one person at a hospital told police a girl had asked a doctor for an operation but refused it after hearing the doctor would record it. The witness said the girl fled.

Police suspect the girl might be the baby’s mother. The investigation is continuing.