A dog is rescued after 10 hard days in the deep jungle, providing solace and peace

On March 28, the Humane Society of Marlboro County (HSMC) in cooperation with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR) raided an incline combating establishment in Wallace, South Carolina.

They seized 122 cats barking (of which 5 had to be euthanized) and a frail female bull with 10 pups.

Fed nothing but chicken feed and held captive for more than a year, a resilient pit bull has finally been rescued from kidnappers and returned home to her family.

Nina Louise was stolen in December of 2013 from the front yard of Northam and April Morris’s home in Bennettsville, South Carolina, reports local news station WBTW 13.

The family couldn’t believe their eyes when, watching the nightly news, they saw footage of the bone-thin dog being rescued on Saturday from a massive cockfighting bust in Marlboro County, South Carolina – along with her 10 tiny puppies

While rescuing more than 100 suffering roosters and a single duck, heroic humans from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue worked quickly to feed and comfort Nina Louise and her new puppies.

Nina Louise also got a long and well-earned hug.

“It seems so surreal to us,” April Morris told local news. “It’s such a miracle to have her back.” She added that Nina Louise may have been used as a bait dog for dog fighting while she was kidnapped.

The Morris family, now temporarily 11 pit bulls bigger, will host Nina Louise’s adorable puppies until they’re ready to transition to loving families of their own