A dog completely falls in love with a rescued bunny rabbit (Video)

Roman is a dog with so much love to give. He runs around like a bull in a china shop, and his tail is constantly wagging. So, when his owners rescued a bunny rabbit and brought her home, it didn’t take long for Roman to fall head over heels in love with the new member of the family.

The beautiful white bunny rabbit was welcomed into Roman’s home, and her humans decided to call her Sugar. In the first few days, they let Sugar run freely in the sunroom to get used to her new surroundings. And it wasn’t long before Roman was able to introduce himself.

The unusual relationship between these two animals was pure from the word-go. Within Sugar’s first week with her new family, she was already napping with Roman, and the two quickly grew to be inseparable.

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It seems that Sugar is much more comfortable with her canine companion than with her humans! While friendly and loving, she’s not happy about her humans picking her up or touching her feet. However, Ronan can do whatever he likes!

They sleep next to one another, eat their meals at the same time, and even play wrestle with one another. They’re definitively the best of friends, and they can’t bear to be apart.

Their day begins with them relaxing in the early morning sun on the outdoor porch, and they then wait to see what else the day brings. One thing is for sure; they will spend it together!

This outrageously cute animal friendship goes to show that our loveable pets can form the unlikeliest of friendships! Thanks for sharing this special bond, and keep up the love, Roman and Sugar!

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