A deαf man adopts a гescυe dog who is also deαf and teaches him sign langυage (video)

All dogs in shelters deserve a caring family, especially those with special needs. Unfortunately, finding a home for such dogs can be challenging. This was the case for a small black Labrador mix, who was only a month and a half old when he fell ill and was placed in a shelter.

Despite being sick with parvo and seizures, a rescue and foster organization called NFR Maine did not give up on the puppy. They took him in and transported him to Maine, where they hoped to cure him and find him a permanent home. This heartwarming story is about how this resilient little pup, who fought for his life, was eventually rescued by the perfect person.


Upon arriving in Maine, NFR Maine found out that the little dog was also deaf. They were unsure whether he was born with it or developed it during his illness. Nevertheless, this added to the challenge of finding him a suitable forever home.

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The organization posted about the 2-week-old puppy on social media, hoping that the right person would come forward. They were confident that the resilient and joyful puppy would make a wonderful companion for someone, and indeed, the perfect person stepped up.


Nick Abbott, a 31-year-old man from Maine, has been deaf since birth. He believed he could relate to the dog’s special needs and provide him with a wonderful life. He completed the adoption papers promptly and, within 24 hours, had a new best friend named Emerson.

Upon meeting each other, Nick and Emerson formed an immediate bond. Nick wasted no time in teaching the pup basic sign language, which helped the two of them communicate effectively. Emerson grew to trust Nick wholeheartedly, and whenever Nick touches Emerson’s ear, he barks joyfully.

Nick and Emerson’s friendship is a source of joy, and both of them feel incredibly fortunate to have found each other. We extend our gratitude to NFR Maine for rescuing Emerson from the shelter and providing him with the opportunity to find love in the arms of his new owner.

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