A dσg the size of a hσгse has a peгsσпality to match its statυгe (video)

Claire started dating Dom only to find that he had Abby, his Borzoi. When she met the Russian Hunting dog, she thought, “This is the weirdest dog I’ve ever met.” Abby was basically the size of a horse.

It took some time for Claire and Abby to adjust, but she eventually connected. Later, the family adopted Cleo, a Silken Windhound. The skinny yet energetic dog was the heart of the family.

Cleo always liked pushing the rules’ limits, while Abby was more of a lazy dog. So the Silken Windhound would do the fastest zoomies, play in the mud, & spin in circles.

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When the family first brought Cleo home, they thought this would be super sweet, as the dogs were from different breeds with unique mannerisms. They did get along well. However, Cleo was like a complete “space cadet” that did not care about Abby.

Their relationship had this amusing aspect that depended on the location. The dogs loved each other and played along if the family was out on a hike or outside. They loved doing zoomies together. However, if they were inside the house, they really played together.

However, if they were not playing and the food was not involved, they had their own spaces in the house. Both of them were particular about that space. Abby had been with Dom for many years and had separation anxiety whenever he left her to go to work.

The naughty doggo would destroy the things in the apartment. However, she would most of all take the bread from the counter and hide it everywhere. Dom still thought that Abby had taught him patience and responsibility. Abby was the heart and soul of the family, while Cleo was the comic relief.