A cute squirrel hides nuts in the fur of a dog

It’s always remarkable to observe two animals, especially of different species, get along like peas in a pod. Some of my favourite odd animal interactions involve a dog and a squirrel. Have you ever seen a squirrel dig a hole for his nuts? What about in the fur of a dog?

Bernese Mountain dogs are some of the fluffiest dogs around, and one squirrel leaped at the chance to take advantage of all that hair. It was a decent attempt,

but I hope he’ll find a more safe location to hide his nuts next time. I couldn’t quit giggling at the poor dog’s expression!

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That poor puppy merely looked perplexed, as if to say, “Hey, what are you doing? “Why would you do anything like that?” How was the dog expected to inform the squirrel that his hair was not a safe haven for his winter nut stash?


Squirrels are quite amusing when they are caught on camera doing ridiculous things. When I start to believe squirrels and their small minds are underappreciated, they go and try to bury their nuts in the fur of a dog.