A Cat on the Verge of Euthanasia: The Story of a Feline with an Extra Chromosome Because of her Originality

Meet Maya, the fabulous feline who doesn’t let her chromosomal abnormality bring her down. Despite her condition, Maya lives life to the fullest and never fails to amaze those around her. She’s one special cat that brings joy and inspiration to everyone she meets!

Maya, a cat residing at Odd Cat Sanctuary, was fortunate enough to find a loving home through the sanctuary’s efforts to rescue feral, sick, senior, and at-risk cats. Lauren, who had been following the sanctuary on Facebook, saw Maya’s post and applied to adopt her immediately. However, thousands of other families also expressed their interest in adopting Maya after her post went semi-viral. Despite the competition, Lauren and her family underwent a six-week application process that included several interviews and a home visit. Fortunately, the team at Odd Cat Sanctuary ensured that Maya ended up with the right family by carefully screening all applicants. After meeting Maya (formerly known as Sugarplum) at her foster home, Lauren and her family took her home that very day.

There is not much information available about her history, but we estimate that she is approximately one year old, could be a bit older or younger. Despite her petite size, weighing no more than 8 pounds, her whiskers and feet are quite large.

When questioned by Iz Cat about how they selected Maya as their feline companion, Lauren revealed that she felt an instant bond with the kitty. Lauren has been coaching a Special Olympics team on Saturdays since she was twelve and enjoys spending time with individuals with disabilities. Lauren stumbled upon Maya’s profile on the Odd Cat Sanctuary’s page and learned that Maya has a chromosomal abnormality similar to Down Syndrome in humans. This information sparked an immediate connection between Lauren and Maya.

According to Harrison, Maya is just your typical cat. Although she is smaller in size, some think she will remain kitten-like forever due to her slow development. Her cross-eyed condition causes slight vision issues, and her nasal structure makes her get stuffy quite often, which is actually cute because she sneezes a lot. However, despite her physical quirks, Maya is not shy at all, loves to talk, and is extremely playful. Lauren and Harrison have even been in touch with Monty, another famous cat who shares similar traits as Maya, and his family, who have been very supportive throughout their journey. Check out Maya’s Instagram page for more adorable pictures and updates!

Maya and cats with similar disabilities are just like any other feline creatures. It’s important to understand that having a disability doesn’t define their entire existence, they merely live with it. Despite Maya’s unique appearance, her personality and essence go beyond her physical condition. It’s crucial to note that chromosomal abnormalities should not be viewed as an illness that needs curing. Often, people make comments expressing hopes of finding a remedy or praying for a cure, but it’s unnecessary. Maya is content, healthy, and above all, receives unconditional love from her caretakers, and she doesn’t know any different.

Surprisingly, our furry friend has gained a massive following on Instagram. Initially, we set up the account to keep her previous fans updated after we adopted her. Little did we know that it would become a phenomenon! Despite the challenges that come with pet ownership, we are fully committed to being there for her no matter what health concerns arise.

Maya has found her forever home with loving parents who adore her unconditionally.