A boy who finally met a “puppy” after saving up his pocket money for 18 months and cried with joy!

A 6-year-old boy sees for the first time the puppy he will own. He was so moved that he burst into tears. This boy was so intent on getting a dog that he kept saving his allowance, and after a year and a half, his dream finally came true.

The long-awaited “first dog”

No matter how old you are, there are moments that you will never forget. The moment I saw my dog ​​for the first time was one of them.

This video is of Xander Mellow, 6, from Springfield, Illinois, USA , meeting her dog for the first time. He couldn’t control his emotions and involuntarily burst into tears.

For 18 months , Xander has been working hard to save up his allowance to get a dog . After a year and a half, the long-awaited day came. He felt like he was in heaven. He couldn’t contain his excitement and was jumping around all morning.

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The video opens with the boy running outside and doing a funny “crab walk”. As I was jumping around, my mother told me to hold out her hands and close her eyes, telling me to stay still. Xander stretches out her hands. It’s finally time to meet the dog.

A boy’s emotions and excitement captured on video

As mother Natalie placed the puppy in her son’s hands , Xander opened his eyes and looked at the dog. His facial expression says it all.

For a few seconds, he stood holding the puppy without a word, and then started wailing and wailing .

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