A гig workeг rescues a dog that was abaпdoпed in the oceaп, 140 miles from the coast

A dog was found freezing and shivering by workers on an oil rig 140 miles off the coast of Thailand. No information is provided as to how it got there. On the afternoon of April 12, his coworkers spotted him swimming, according to Vitisak Payalaw, one of the employees, who spoke with CNN.

Paylaw declared:

“I reasoned that I wouldn’t be able to assist him if we didn’t move immediately. It would be quite difficult to assist him if he lost control.”

The dog sat still as he stared at the employees; misery could be seen in his eyes, as if he were pleading for assistance.

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Paylaw declared:

“Whoever witnessed this at the moment had to assist,”

When the employees finally succeeded in getting him out of the water, they immediately gave him a bath, gave him some pieces of meat, and referred to him as a Boonrod, which is Korean for “survival.” It took them around 15 minutes to hoist him.

The dog appeared to be completely worn out and had no energy to do anything. He stayed in his seat the whole time.

He was nursed back to health on the rig while staff radioed for help, requesting the assistance of a tanker that was heading back to shore.

He appeared more happier and more awake a day and a half after undergoing numerous treatments and sleeping. The staff of the oil rig grew to love him.