3 years ago the dog was almost dеad – now he shows that miracles really do exist

When “Stray Rescue of Saint Louis” in Missouri USA first saw the dog Harris, it was highly unlikely that he would survive.

But both he and the rescue center staff showed their immense strength and together they managed to save the dog’s life. This made them believe that miracles can happen.

It was mid-March 2019 when an extremely thin, sick and abused dog arrived at the Stray Rescue of Saint Louis dog center.

“We must never stop fighting animal cruelty,” they wrote on their website at the time . It was a passerby who found the poor dog under a blanket on the side of the road and rushed him to the rescue center.

His condition was so severe that he was unresponsive, unable to move and had to be kept under 24-hour observation.

“Through Hеll”

The vets gave him antibiotics, painkillers, IVs and stitched up his worst injuries. “Now we just have to wait, he has clearly been through hell,” the center wrote on its website.

Days passed and the puppy was named Harris. The team fought day and night to keep him alive.

Some even stayed at work at night so he had someone to pet him and give him the love he had apparently never received.


The dog was still not very alert and they had to insert a tube to feed him. After a few days he slowly started to wake up, move his paws and look around.

But then something happened that shouldn’t happen: the dog got pneumonia. Vets had to act quickly and what was already a tough time for Harris with his malnutrition and injuries got even tougher.

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“Our wonder boy”

But neither he nor his team was going to give up. And in early April, the situation started to look better. He was still completely bedridden. But medication, extensive care and lots of love seemed to help the dog.

Slowly, Harris started to gain weight and on April 9 he was able to sit independently for the first time – something that everyone was very happy about.

A few days later, he took his first steps unassisted.

“It’s time! The day we’ve all been waiting for! Our child prodigy, Harris, started walking on his own today! And yes, there was a little wagging tail too!” they wrote on their website at the time.

As the weeks passed, Harris grew stronger every day. He was living proof that miracles do exist.

After three years he found a home

In the summer of that year they heard him barking for the first time and his sweet nature became more visible every day.

And last summer, after three years, he finally ended up with a loving family who will take good care of him.

“He was wrapped in a blanket and dumped on I-270 like trash, emaciated and near death. We thought he wouldn’t even survive that first night. But he fought hard like the warrior that he is. Harris exemplifies the strength, perseverance and forgiving heart that all dogs have – regardless of the betrayals and horrors they have endured,” the team wrote on their website at the time.

They explained that they would miss him and said they were especially happy to have met him.

“We are thankful that he is alive and that we have him in our lives. He is always in our hearts,” they wrote.

Here’s a video of Harris’ journey:

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